Luke 7:1-6 TYN

1 When he had ended all his sainges in the audience of the people he entred into Capernau
2 And a certayne Centurions seruaunte was sicke and redy to dye whom he made moche of.
3 And when he hearde of Iesu he sent vnto him the elders of the Iewes besechinge him yt he wolde come and heale his servaunt.
4 And they came to Iesus and besought him instantly sayinge: He is worthi that thou shuldest do this for him.
5 For he loveth oure nacion and hath bilt vs a sinagoge
6 And Iesus went with them. And when he was not farre fro the housse the Centurio sent frendes to him sayinge vnto him: Lorde trouble not thy silfe: for I am not worthy yt thou shuldest enter vnder my roffe.