5 Let the same mynde be in you that was in Christ Iesu:
6 Which beynge in the shape of god and thought it not robbery to be equall with god.
7 Neverthelesse he made him silfe of no reputacion and toke on him the shape of a servaunte and became lyke vnto men
8 and was founde in his aparell as a man. He humbled him silfe and became obediet vnto ye deeth even the deeth of the crosse.
9 Wherfore god hath exalted him and geve him a name above all names:
10 that in the name of Iesus shuld every knee bowe bothe of thinges in heve and thinges in erth and thinges vnder erth
11 and that all tonges shuld confesse that Iesus Christ is the lorde vnto the prayse of God the father.