2 I praye Evodias and beseche Sintiches that they be of one accorde in the lorde.
3 Yee and I beseche the faythfull yockfelowe helpe the wemen which labored with me in the gospell and with Clement also and with other my labour felowes whose names are in the boke of lyfe.
4 Reioyce in the Lorde alwaye and agayne I saye reioyce.
5 Let youre softenes be knowen vnto all men. The lorde is even at honde.
6 Be not carfull: but in all thynges shewe youre peticion vnto god in prayer and suplicacion wt gevynge of thankes.
7 And the peace of god which passeth all vnderstondinge kepe youre hertes and myndes in christ Iesu.
8 Furthermore brethren whatsoever thinges are true whatsoever thynges are honest what soever thynges are iust whatsoever thynges are pure whatsoever thynges pertayne to love whatsoever thynges are of honest reporte: yf ther be eny verteous thynge yf there be eny laudable thynge
9 those same have ye in youre mynde which ye have both learned and receaved herde and also sene in me: those thynges do and the god of peace shalbe with you.