24 Porters were by four coasts (Guards were on four sides), that is, at the east, at the west, at the north, and at the south.
25 And their brethren dwelled in towns, and came in their sabbaths from time till to time. (And their kinsmen lived in their towns, and came for seven days at a time, each in their turn.)
26 All the number of porters was betaken to these four deacons, and they kept (charge of) the chambers, and the treasures of the house of the Lord. (These four chief guards, or doorkeepers, were Levites; and they were greatly trusted, and kept charge of the rooms, and the supplies of the House of the Lord.)
27 Also they dwelled in their keepings by the compass of the temple of the Lord, that when time were, they should open the gates early. (And they lived in their residences about the Temple of the Lord, so that at the proper time, they could open the gates every morning.)
28 Men of their kin were also on the vessels of [the] service; for the vessels were borne in at the number, and were borne out of them. (Men of their kin were also in charge of the vessels used in the service; for the vessels were borne in and borne out by them, by number.)
29 And they that had the vessels of the saintuary betaken to their keeping, were sovereigns of [the tried] flour, and [the] wine, and oil, and incense, and sweet smelling spiceries. (And they who had the vessels of the sanctuary under their charge, or their care, were also responsible for the fine flour, and the wine, and the oil, and the incense, and the sweet smelling spices.)
30 And (some of) the sons of [the] priests made ointments of (the) sweet smelling spiceries.
31 And Mattithiah, deacon (the Levite), the first begotten son of Shallum of the kindred of Korah, was the sovereign of all things that were fried in the frying pan.
32 And men of the sons of Kohath, the brethren of them, were on the loaves of setting forth, that they should make ready ever new loaves by each sabbath. (And some of the sons of Kohath, their kinsmen, were responsible for the loaves of setting forth, or the loaves of proposition, and they prepared new loaves every sabbath.)
33 These be the princes of chanters, by the families of Levites, that dwelled in chambers, so that they should serve continually day and night in their service. (These be the leaders of the cantors, or of the singers, by the families of the Levites, who lived in rooms set apart for them, so that they could continually serve day and night in their service.)
34 The heads of (the) Levites, by their families, the princes, dwelled in Jerusalem. (The heads of the Levites, their leaders, lived in Jerusalem, by their families.)