1 Kings 7:18-28 WYC

18 And he made perfectly the pillars, and two orders about all the works like nets, that those should cover the pommels, which were upon the highness of [the] pomegranates; in the same manner he did also to the second pommel. (And he finished the pillars, with two rows of pomegranates, all around the tops of the pillars, above the networks; he did this in the same manner for each of the capitals.)
19 And the pommels, that were upon the heads of the pillars in the porch, were made as by work of lily, of four cubits; (And the capitals, that were on the tops of the pillars in the vestibule, were shaped like lilies, four cubits in height;)
20 and again other pommels in the highness of [the] pillars above, by the measure of the pillar, set against the works like nets; and two hundred orders of pomegranates were in the compass of the second pommel. (and on the capitals, on the tops of the two bronze pillars, above the networks, were two hundred pomegranates in two rows, around each capital.)
21 And he set the two pillars in the porch of the temple; and when he had set the right half pillar, he called it by name Jachin, that is, steadfast; in like manner he raised up the second pillar, and he called the name thereof Boaz, that is, strength. (And he placed the two pillars in the vestibule of the Temple; and when he had raised up the right-hand pillar, he named it Jachin, that is, Steadfast; and in like manner he raised up the left-hand pillar, and he named it Boaz, that is, Strength.)
22 And he set upon the heads of the pillars a work by the manner of a lily; and (so) the work of the pillars was made perfect. (And on the very top of the pillars was lily work; and so the work of the pillars was finished, or completed.)
23 Also he made a molten sea, that is, a washing vessel for priests, round in compass, of ten cubits from brink to brink; the highness thereof was of five cubits; and a cord of thirty cubits went about it by compass. (And he cast the bronze Sea, that is, a washing vessel for the priests, and it was ten cubits across from brim to brim; its highness was five cubits; and it took a cord thirty cubits long to go all around it.)
24 And the engraving under the brink compassed it, and compassed the sea by ten cubits/and it came about the sea by ten cubits; twain orders of gravings containing some stories were molten (two rows of knops, or of gourds, were cast together, and joined with the Sea),
25 and (it) stood upon twelve oxen; of which oxen three beheld to the north, and three to the west, and three to the south, and three to the east; and the sea was above upon those oxen, of which all the hinder things were hid within.
26 And the thickness of the sea was of four fingers, or a palm, and the brink thereof was as the brink of a cup (and its brim was like the brim of a cup), and as the leaf of a lily crooked again; the sea contained two thousand baths, that is, three thousand metretes.
27 And he made ten brazen foundaments, each foundament of four cubits of length, and of four cubits of breadth, and of three cubits of highness.
28 And that work of the foundaments was raised betwixt; and gravings were between the jointures.