5 For if any man hath made me sorrowful, he hath not made me sorrowful but a part [he hath not made me sorrowful but in part], that I charge not you all.
6 This blaming that is made of many, sufficeth to him, that is such one [that is such a manner man];
7 so that on the contrary ye rather forgive and comfort, lest peradventure he that is such a manner man, be swallowed up [be sopped up, or despair,] by more great heaviness.
8 For which thing I beseech you, that ye confirm charity into him.
9 For why therefore [and] I wrote this, that I know your proof, whether in all things ye be obedient.
10 For to whom ye have forgiven any thing, also I have forgiven. For I, that that I forgave, if I forgave any thing, have forgiven for you in the person of Christ,
11 that we be not deceived of Satan; for we know his thoughts. [that we be not deceived of Satan; soothly we unknow not his thoughts.]