2 Corinthians 4:7-16 WYC

7 And we have this treasure in brittle vessels, that the worthiness be of God's virtue [that the highness be of God's virtue], and not of us.
8 In all things we suffer tribulation, but we be not anguished, or distressed; we be made poor, but we lack nothing; [+In all things we suffer tribulation, but we be not made strait/but we be not anguished thereby in soul; we be made poor, but we be not destitute, either cast away;]
9 we suffer persecution, but we be not forsaken; we be made low, but we be not confounded; we be cast down, but we perish not.
10 And evermore we bear about the slaying of Jesus in our body [Evermore bearing about the mortifying of Jesus Christ in our body], that also the life of Jesus be showed in our bodies.
11 For evermore we that live, be taken into death for Jesus, that [and] the life of Jesus be showed in our deadly flesh.
12 Therefore death worketh in us, but life in you.
13 And we have the same spirit of faith [Forsooth having the same spirit of faith], as it is written, I have believed, wherefore I have spoken; and we believe, wherefore also we speak;
14 witting that he that raised Jesus, shall raise up also us with Jesus, and shall ordain [us] with you.
15 And all things [be done] for you, that a plenteous grace by many thankings be plenteous into the glory of God. [Soothly all things be done for you, that grace being plenteous by many in doing of thanks be plenteous into glory of God.]
16 For which thing we fail not, for though [but though] our outer man be corrupted; nevertheless the inner man is renewed from day to day.