1 But know thou this thing, that in the last days perilous times shall approach [shall nigh],
2 and men shall be loving themselves, covetous, high of bearing, proud, blasphemers, not obedient to father and mother, unkind, cursed,
3 without affection, without peace, false blamers, uncontinent, unmild, without benignity, [+without affection, or good will, without peace, false challengers, uncontinent, or unchaste, unmild, without benignity,]
4 traitors, over-thwart [froward], swollen with proud thoughts [blown], blind, lovers of lusts more than of God,
5 having the likeness of piety, but denying the virtue of it. And eschew thou these men.
6 Of these they be that pierce houses, and lead women captives [and lead little women captive] charged with sins, which be led with diverse desires,
7 evermore learning, and never perfectly coming to the science of truth. [evermore learning, and never perfectly coming to the knowing of truth.]
8 And as Jannes and Jambres against-stood Moses, so [and] these against-stand the truth, men corrupt in understanding [men corrupt in soul, or understanding], reproved about the faith.
9 But further they shall not profit, for the unwisdom of them shall be known to all men, as [and] theirs was.
10 But thou hast gotten my teaching [my doctrine], ordinance, purposing [purpose], faith, long abiding, love, patience,
11 persecutions, passions, which were made to me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra, what manner persecutions I suffered, and the Lord hath delivered me of all [and the Lord delivered me of all].
12 And all men that will live faithfully in Christ Jesus [And all men that will live piously, or faithfully, in Christ Jesus], shall suffer persecution.
13 But evil men and deceivers shall increase into worse, erring, and sending into error. [Forsooth evil men and deceivers shall profit into worse, erring themselves, and sending others into error.]
14 But dwell thou in these things that thou hast learned, and that be betaken to thee, witting of whom thou hast learned;
15 for thou hast known holy letters from thy youth, which be able to learn thee to health [and for thou hast known holy letters from thy youth, or childhood, the which may inform thee to health], by faith that is in Christ Jesus.
16 For all scripture inspired of God is profitable to teach, to reprove, to chastise, [for] to learn in rightwiseness,
17 that the man of God be perfect, learned to all good work [learned to all good works].