20 And all the multitude of the sons of Israel went out of the sight of Moses, (And then all the Israelites went out from Moses? presence,)
21 and offered with most ready soul and devout the first things to the Lord, to make the work of the tabernacle of witnessing, whatever was needful to the adorning, and to the holy clothes. (and they offered with most ready and devout souls their first things to the Lord, for the building of the Tabernacle of the Witnessing, yea, whatever was needed for its adornment, and for the holy clothes.)
22 Men and women gave bands of the arms, and earrings, and other rings, and ornaments of their arms nigh the hand; each golden vessel was separated into the gifts of the Lord. (Men and women gave arm bands, and earrings, and other rings, and ornaments for their arms nigh the hand, that is, bracelets; and each gold vessel was set aside as a gift to the Lord.)
23 If any man had jacinth, and purple, and red silk twice-dyed, bis, and the hairs of goats, skins of rams made red, and (skins) of jacinth, either blue, (And anyone who had jacinth, and purple, and red silk twice-dyed, and fine linen, and goats? hair, and red rams? skins, and blue skins,)
24 (and) metals of silver, and of brass, they offered (it) to the Lord, and [the] wood of shittim into diverse uses. (and metals of silver, and brass, they offered it to the Lord, and also shittim wood, or acacia wood, for diverse uses.)
25 But also women taught gave those things, which they had spun, (of) jacinth, and purple, and vermilion, and bis, (And all the skilled women gave those things which they had spun out of jacinth, and purple, and red silk twice-dyed, and fine linen,)
26 and the hairs of goats (and also out of goats? hair); and they gave all (these) things by their own free will.
27 Forsooth (the) princes offered stones of onyx, and gems, to the cloak on the shoulders, and to the rational, (And the leaders offered onyx stones, and gems, for the ephod, and the breast-piece,)
28 and sweet smelling spiceries, and oil to the lights to be ordained, and to make ready the ointment, and to make the incense of the sweetest odour. (and oil to nourish the light/and oil to fuel the lanterns, and sweet smelling spices to make the ointment, and the incense of the sweetest aroma.)
29 All men and women offered gifts with devout soul(s), (so) that the works should be made, which the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses; all the sons of Israel hallowed willful things to the Lord (yea, all the Israelites willingly dedicated these things to the Lord).