Isaiah 43:9-19 WYC

9 All heathen men be gathered together, and lineages be gathered together. Who among you, who shall tell this, and shall make you to hear those things, that be the first? give they [the] witnesses of them, and be they justified, and hear they, and say, (That is the truth). (All the heathen be gathered together, and the tribes be gathered together. Who among you, who shall tell out this, and shall help us to understand the former things? bring they in their witnesses, and be they justified, or proven right, and listen they, and say, That is the truth.)
10 Verily ye be my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant(s), whom I chose; that ye know, and believe to me, and understand, for I myself am; before me is no God former, and after me shall none be. (Truly ye be my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servants, whom I chose; so that ye would know me, and believe me, and understand, that I am he; before me no God was formed, and there shall be no one after me.)
11 I am, I am the Lord, and without me is no saviour. (I am, yea, I am the Lord, and there is no other saviour besides me.)
12 I told, and saved; I made hearing, and none alien God was among you (I have told it out, and I have saved; I have made it heard, when there was no foreign, or strange, god among you). Ye be my witnesses, saith the Lord; and I am God,
13 from the beginning, I myself am, and none there is that delivereth from mine hand; I shall work, and who shall destroy it? (yea, from the beginning, I am he, and there is no one who taketh anything from my hand; I shall do my work, and who shall be able to destroy it?)
14 The Lord, your again-buyer, the Holy of Israel, saith these things, For you I sent out into Babylon, and I drew down all bars, and [the] Chaldees having glory in their ships. (The Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, saith these things, For your sakes I have sent to Babylon, and I have brought down all their bars, or all their gates, and the Chaldeans having glory in their ships.)
15 I am the Lord, your Holy, your king, making Israel of nought. (I am the Lord, your Holy One, your King, making Israel out of nothing.)
16 The Lord saith these things, that gave [a] way in the sea, and a path in running waters;
17 which led out a cart, and horse, a company, and (a) strong man; they slept together, neither they shall rise again; they be all-broken as flax, and be quenched (like a wick). (who led out chariots, and horses, yea, a company of strong men; they all sleep now, or be dead, and they shall never rise again; they be all-broken like flax, and be quenched, or snuffed out, like a wick.)
18 Think ye not on the former things, and behold ye not (on the) old things.
19 Lo! I make new things, and now those shall begin to be made; soothly ye shall know them. I shall set [a] way in (the) desert, and floods in a land without (a) way.