Job 16:12-22 WYC

12 I, that rich man and famous sometime, am all-broken suddenly; he held my noll; he hath broken me, and hath set me as into a sign. (I, that rich and sometimes famous man, am suddenly all-broken; he held me by the neck; he hath altogether broken me, and hath set me up like a target.)
13 And he hath (en)compassed me with his spears, he hath wounded altogether my loins; he hath not spared me, and he hath shed out mine entrails into the earth. (And he hath surrounded me with his spears, he hath deeply wounded my loins; he hath not spared me, and he hath poured out my bowels upon the ground.)
14 He hath beaten me with wound upon wound; and he as a giant hath fallen in upon me (and he hath fallen in on me like a giant).
15 I sewed together a sackcloth upon my skin; and I covered my flesh with ashes.
16 My face swelled of weeping (My face swelled from weeping), and mine eyelids waxed dark.
17 I suffered these things without (any) wickedness of mine hand, or work, (and) when I had clean prayers to God.
18 Earth, cover thou not my blood, and my cry find not in thee a place of hiding. (O earth, do not thou cover up my blood, and let not my cry for justice find any place of rest.)
19 For, lo! my witness is in heaven; and the Knower of my conscience is in high places.
20 O! my friends, full of words; mine eye droppeth (out tears) to God.
21 And I would, that a man were deemed so with God, as the son of man is deemed with his fellow. (And I wish, that there was someone to plead with God for me, like the son of a man who pleadeth for his fellow, or for his friend.)
22 For lo! short years pass, and I go a path, by which I shall not turn again (by which I shall not return).