Job 29:1-9 WYC

1 Also Job added, taking his parable, and said, (And Job added again to his parable, and said,)
2 Who giveth to me, that I be beside the eld months, by the days in which God kept me? (Who giveth to me, that once more I be, like in the months gone by, yea, those days in which God looked after me?)
3 When his lantern shined on mine head, and I went in darknesses at his light (and I walked through the darkness by his light).
4 As I was in the days of my youth, when in private God was in my tabernacle (when privately, or secretly, God watched over my tent, or my home).
5 When Almighty God was with me, and my children were in my compass (and my children were all about me);
6 when I washed my feet in butter, and the stone shedded out to me the streams of oil; [(when I washed my feet with butter, and the stone poured out for me rivers of oil;)]
7 when I went forth to the gate of the city, and in the street they made ready a chair to me (and in the street they prepared a chair for me).
8 Young wanton men saw me, and were hid, and eld men rising up stood (and old men rose, and stood up to honour me);
9 princes ceased to speak, and they putted their finger on their mouth; (leaders ceased to speak, and they covered their mouths with their hands;)