John 1:30-40 WYC

30 This is he, that I said of, After me is come a man [This is he, of whom I said, After me cometh a man], which was made before me; for he was rather than I.
31 And I knew him not, but that he be showed in Israel, therefore I came baptizing in water.
32 And John bare witnessing, and said, I saw the Spirit coming down as a culver from heaven, and dwelled on him. [And John bare witnessing, saying, For I saw the Spirit coming down, as a culver from heaven, and dwelling upon him.]
33 And I knew him not; but he that sent me to baptize in water, said to me, On whom thou seest the Spirit coming down [Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit coming down], and dwelling on him, this is he, that baptizeth in the Holy Ghost.
34 And I saw, and bare witnessing, that this is the Son of God.
35 Another day John stood [Again John stood in another day], and two of his disciples;
36 and he beheld Jesus walking, and saith [and he beholding Jesus walking, saith], Lo! the lamb of God.
37 And two disciples heard him speaking, and [they] followed Jesus.
38 And Jesus turned, and saw them following him, and saith to them, What seek ye? And they said to him, Rabbi, that is to say [that is interpreted], Master, where dwellest thou?
39 And he saith to them, Come ye, and see. And they came, and saw where he dwelled [He saith to them, Come, and see ye. They came, and saw where he dwelt]; and dwelt with him that day. And it was as the tenth hour.
40 And Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, was one of the twain, that heard of John, and had followed him.