Luke 20:36-46 WYC

36 neither they shall be able to die more; for they be even with angels, and be the sons of God, since they be the sons of the rising again from death [since they be the sons of rising again].
37 And that dead men rise again, also Moses showed beside the bush, as he saith, The Lord God of Abraham, and God of Isaac, and God of Jacob.
38 And God is not of dead men [Forsooth God is not of dead men], but of living men; for all men live to him.
39 And some of the scribes answering, said, Master, thou hast well-said.
40 And they durst no more ask him any thing.
41 But he said to them, How say men, Christ to be the son of David [How say men, that Christ is the son of David],
42 and David himself saith in the book of Psalms, The Lord said to my Lord, Sit thou on my right half,
43 till I put thine enemies a stool of thy feet?
44 Therefore David calleth him Lord, and how is he his son?
45 And in hearing of all the people, he said to his disciples,
46 Be ye ware of the scribes, that will wander in stoles, and love salutations in the market [and love salutations in the markets], and the first chairs in the synagogues, and the first sitting places in [the] feasts;