Luke 20:4-14 WYC

4 Was the baptism of John of heaven, or of men?
5 And they thought within themselves, saying, For if we [shall] say, Of heaven, he shall say, Why then believe ye not to him?
6 and if we say, Of men, all the people shall stone us; for they be certain, that John is a prophet.
7 And they answered, that they knew not, of whence it was.
8 And Jesus said to them, Neither I say to you, in what power I do these things.
9 And he began to say to the people this parable. A man planted a vineyard [Some man planted a vineyard], and hired it to tillers; and he was gone in pilgrimage long time.
10 And in the time of gathering of grapes, he sent a servant to the tillers, that they should give to him of the fruit of the vineyard; which beat him, and let him go void.
11 And he thought yet to send another servant; and [also] they beat this, and tormented him sore, and let him go void.
12 And he thought yet to send the third, and him also they wounded, and casted [cast] him out.
13 And the lord of the vineyard said, What shall I do? I shall send my dear-worthy son; peradventure, when they see him, they shall dread [they shall be ashamed].
14 And when the tillers saw him, they thought within themselves, and said [saying], This is the heir, slay we him, that the heritage be [made] ours.