1 Chronicles 28:7-10; 1 Chronicles 28:20

7 and I shall make steadfast his realm into without end, if he shall continue to do my behests and [my] dooms, as and today. (and I shall establish his kingdom forevermore, if he shall continue to do my commands and my judgements/if he shall continue to obey my commands and my laws, as in this day.) 8 Now therefore before all the company of Israel, (and) in the hearing of God, (I say,) keep ye and seek ye all the commandments of your Lord God (obey ye and seek ye to understand all the commands of the Lord your God), (so) that ye (can) have in possession a good land, and that ye leave it to your sons after you into without end. 9 But thou, Solomon, my son, know [thou] the God of thy father, and serve thou him with (a) perfect heart, and with a willful soul, or mind (and with a willing mind); for the Lord searcheth all hearts, and he understandeth all the thoughts of souls; if thou seekest him, thou shalt find him; forsooth if thou forsakest him, he shall cast thee away without end. 10 Now therefore, for the Lord hath chosen thee, for to build the house of [the] saintuary, be thou comforted, and perform it. (And so now, for the Lord hath chosen thee, to build the House of the sanctuary, be thou strengthened, and do it.)
20 And David said to Solomon, his son, Do thou manly, and be thou comforted, and make; dread thou not withoutforth, neither dread thou within; for my Lord God shall be with thee, and he shall not leave thee, neither shall forsake thee, till thou perform all the work of the service of the house of the Lord. (And David said to his son Solomon, Be thou confident, and be thou strengthened, and make it; fear thou not anything from withoutforth, nor fear thou anything from within; for the Lord my God shall be with thee, and he shall not leave thee, nor shall desert thee, until thou finish all the work needed in the service of the House of the Lord.)