2 Chronicles 25:15-16; 2 Chronicles 25:20

15 Wherefore the Lord was wroth against Amaziah, and he sent to him a prophet, that said to him, Why worshippest thou gods which have not delivered their (own) people from thine hand? 16 And when the prophet spake these things, Amaziah answered to him, Whether thou art a counsellor of the king? cease thou, lest peradventure I slay thee. And the prophet went away from him, and said, I know, that the Lord hath thought to slay thee (And as the prophet went away from him, he said, I know that the Lord hath decided to kill thee); for thou hast done this evil, and furthermore thou assentedest not to my counsel.
20 (But) Amaziah would not hear this, for it was the will of the Lord, that he should be betaken into the hands of his enemies, for the gods of Edom which he worshipped (because he and the people of Judah worshipped the gods of Edom).