Proverbs 12:15-25 WYC

15 The way of a fool is rightful in his eyes; but he that is wise, heareth counsels (but he who is wise, listeneth to good advice).
16 A fool showeth anon his ire; but he that dissembleth wrongs, is wise. (A fool showeth his anger at once; but he who overlooketh wrongs, is wise.)
17 He that speaketh that, that he knoweth, is a judge of rightfulness; but he that lieth, is a guileful witness. (He who speaketh what he knoweth, is a just judge/is a judge of righteousness; but he who lieth, is a deceitful witness.)
18 A man is that promiseth, and he is pricked as with the sword of conscience; but the tongue of wise men is health. (There is a person who speaketh, and his words cut like a sword; but the tongues of the wise give health.)
19 The lip of truth shall be steadfast [into] without end; but he that is a sudden witness, maketh ready the tongue of leasing (but he who speaketh a ready answer, often haveth a lying tongue).
20 Guile is in the heart of them that think evils; but joy followeth them that make counsels of peace.
21 Whatever befalleth to a just man, it shall not make him sorry; but wicked men shall be filled with evil. (Whatever befalleth to the righteous, shall not bring them sorrow, or grief; but the wicked shall be filled with evil.)
22 False lips is abomination to the Lord; but they that do faithfully, please him.
23 A fell man covereth knowing; and the heart of unwise men stirreth folly. (A clever person concealeth his knowledge; but the unwise tell out their foolishness.)
24 The hand of strong men shall have lordship; but the hand that is slow, shall serve to tributes. (The hand of the strong shall rule; but those who be lazy, shall become slaves.)
25 Mourning in the heart of a just man shall make him meek; and he shall be made glad by a good word. (Mourning in the heart of a righteous person shall make him weak; but he shall be made happy by a good, or by a kind, word.)