Proverbs 18:19-24 WYC

19 A brother that is helped of a brother, is as a steadfast city; and [the] dooms be as the bars of cities. (A brother helped by a brother, is like protection from the wall of a steadfast city; but arguments be like the bars of a city, preventing entry.)
20 A man's womb shall be [ful]filled of the fruit of his mouth (A man's belly shall be fulfilled, or satisfied, by the fruit of his mouth); and the seeds of his lips shall fill him.
21 Death and life be in the works of [the] tongue; they that love it, shall eat the fruits thereof (they who nurture it, shall eat its fruits).
22 He that findeth a good woman, findeth a good thing; and of the Lord he shall draw up mirth (and he receiveth favour from the Lord). He that putteth away a good woman, putteth away a good thing; but he that holdeth (onto an) adulteress, is a fool and unwise.
23 A poor man shall speak with beseechings, (or with pleadings); and a rich man shall speak sternly.
24 A man friendly to fellowship shall more be a friend, than a brother. (A man given to fellowship with thee, can be more of a friend, than even thy own brother.)