Proverbs 21:1-10 WYC

1 As partings of waters, so the heart of the king is in the power of the Lord; whither ever he will, he shall bow it. (Like out-flowings of water, is the king's heart in the Lord's hand; he shall turn it wherever he will, or desireth.)
2 Each way of a man seemeth rightful to himself; but the Lord weigheth the hearts.
3 To do mercy and doom, pleaseth more the Lord, than sacrifices. (To do mercy and justice, that pleaseth the Lord more than sacrifices, or burnt offerings.)
4 Enhancing of eyes is [the] alarging of the heart; the lantern of wicked men is sin. (The raising up of the eyes, and the enlarging of the heart; such sins be the lantern of the wicked.)
5 The thoughts of a strong man be ever in abundance; but each slow man is ever in neediness. (The thoughts of a strong person be forevermore on abundance, or on plenty; but those of each person in haste be forevermore on neediness./Carefully-made plans shall be successful; but each person in haste shall be forever in need.)
6 He that gathereth treasures by the tongue of a lie maker, (or of a liar,) is vain, and without heart; and he shall be hurled to the snares of death.
7 The ravens of unpious men shall draw them down; for they would not do doom. (The robberies of the wicked shall pull them down; for what they do is wrong.)
8 The wayward way of a man is alien from God; but the work of him that is clean of sin, is rightful. (The evil way of a person is alien to God; but the work of him who is clean of sin, is upright.)
9 It is better to sit in the corner of an house without roof, than with a woman full of chiding, and in a common house. (It is better to sit in the corner of a house without a roof, than with a woman full of arguments, or of bickering, in a house together.)
10 The soul of an unpious man desireth evil; he shall not have mercy on his neighbour. (The soul of a wicked person desireth evil; he shall not even give mercy to his friend.)