Proverbs 9:1-6 WYC

1 Wisdom builded an house to himself (Wisdom built a house for himself); he hewed out seven pillars,
2 he offered his slain sacrifices, he meddled wine (he mixed in spices with the wine), and setted forth his table.
3 He sent his handmaids (He sent forth his servantesses), that they should call to the tower; and to the walls of the city.
4 If any man is little (in wit), come he to me. And wisdom spake to unwise men, (and said,) (And that they should say, If any one hath little intelligence, come he to me. And then wisdom spoke to the unwise, and said,)
5 Come ye, eat ye my bread; and drink ye the wine, which I have meddled to you (and drink ye the wine, in which I have mixed in spices for you).
6 Forsake ye young childhood, and live ye; and go ye by the way of prudence. (Abandon ye foolishness, and have life; and go ye on the way of understanding.)