Psalm 119:140-150 WYC

140 Thy speech is set afire; and thy servant loved it. (Thy word is tried by fire; and thy servant loveth it.)
141 I am young, and despised; I forgat not thy justifyings. (I am young and despised; but I do not forget thy precepts.)
142 Lord, thy rightfulness is rightfulness [into] without end; and thy law is truth. (Lord, thy righteousness is righteousness forever; and thy Law is true forever/and thy Law is the truth forever.)
143 Tribulation and anguish have found me; thy behests is my thinking. (Though trouble and anguish have found me; thy commandments still be my delight.)
144 Thy witnessings is equity [into] without end (Thy teachings be just forever); give thou understanding to me, and I shall live.
145 [Koph]. I cried in all mine heart, Lord, hear thou me; I shall seek thy justifyings. (I cried with all my heart, O Lord, please answer me; for I shall follow thy statutes.)
146 I cried to thee, make thou me safe; that I keep thy commandments. (I cried to thee, save thou me; so that I can keep thy commandments/and I shall obey thy commandments.)
147 I before came in ripeness, and I cried; I hoped above on thy words. (I came before thee in the morning; I have great hope in thy words.)
148 Mine eyes before came to thee full early; that I should bethink (on) thy speeches. (My eyes be open through the night/I lie awake all night; so that I can think about thy words.)
149 Lord, hear thou my voice by thy mercy; and quicken thou me by thy doom. (Lord, hear thou me in thy mercy; and grant thou me life according to thy judgement./Lord, hear thou me in thy love; and grant thou me life by thy decree.)
150 They that pursue me nighed to wickedness; forsooth they be made far from thy law. (They who pursue me approach near to wickedness; and they be made far from thy Law./They who wickedly pursue me come near to me; but they be made far from thy Law.)