Psalm 119:69-79 WYC

69 The wickedness of them that be proud, is multiplied on me; but in all mine heart I shall seek thy behests. (The wicked lies of them, who be proud, be multiplied against me; but I shall follow thy precepts with all my heart.)
70 The heart of them is crudded, either made hard, as milk; but I bethought (on) thy law. (Their hearts be like curdled milk; but I delight in thy Law.)
71 It is good to me, that thou hast made me meek; that I learn thy justifyings. (It was good for me, that thou hast punished me; so that I would learn thy statutes.)
72 The law (out) of thy mouth is better to me; than thousands of gold and silver. (The Law from thy mouth meaneth more to me/is more valuable to me, than a fortune in gold and silver.)
73 [Jod]. Thine hands made me, and formed me; give thou understanding to me, that I learn thy behests. (Thy hands made me, and formed me; now give thou me understanding, so that I can learn thy commandments.)
74 They that dread thee shall see me, and they shall be glad; for I hoped more on thy words. (They who fear thee/They who revere thee, shall be glad when they see me; for I trust in thy words.)
75 Lord, I knew, that thy dooms be equity; and in thy truth thou hast made me meek. (Lord, I know, that thy judgements be just; and that thou hast punished me because of thy faithfulness.)
76 Thy mercy be made, that it comfort me; by thy speech to thy servant. (Let thy love comfort me; yea, according to thy word to thy servant.)
77 Thy merciful doings come to me, and I shall live; for thy law is my thinking. (Let thy mercy come to me, and then I shall live; for thy Law is my delight.)
78 They that be proud be shamed, for unjustly they did wickedness against me; but I shall be exercised in thy behests. (Let they who be proud be shamed, for unjustly, or for no reason, they did wickedly against me; but I shall think about thy precepts.)
79 They that dread thee be turned to me; and they that know thy witnessings. (Let they who fear thee/Let they who revere thee, turn to me; yea, all who know thy teachings.)