Psalm 68:1-11 WYC

1 To victory, the psalm of the song of David. God rise up, and his enemies be scattered; and they that hate him, flee from his face. (May God rise up, and his enemies be scattered; and they who hate him, flee from his face.)
2 As smoke faileth, fail they; as wax floateth (away) from the face of fire, so perish [the] sinners from the face of God. (Like smoke vanisheth, so let them vanish; like wax melteth in the fire, so let the sinners perish in the presence of God.)
3 And just men eat, and make they fully joy in the sight of God; and delight they in gladness. (But the righteous be glad, and make full out joy, or rejoice, before God; yea, delight they, and be glad.)
4 Sing ye to God, say ye psalm to his name; make ye [a] way to him, that ascendeth on the going down, the Lord is name of him. Make ye fully joy in his sight, (his) enemies shall be troubled from the face of him, (Sing ye to God, sing ye a song to his name; make ye a way for him, who rideth over the plains of the desert/who rideth upon the clouds, yea, the Lord is his name. Make ye full out joy, or rejoice, before him, but his enemies shall be troubled before him,)
5 which is the father of fatherless and motherless children; and the judge of widows (who is the father of the fatherless and the motherless; and the judge of widows). God is in his holy place;
6 God that maketh men of one will to dwell in the house. Which leadeth out by strength them that be bound; in like manner them that make sharp, that dwell in sepulchres. (yea, God who helpeth people to come and live in a house with others. And who leadeth out those who be bound into freedom; but they who rebel shall live in a dry land.)
7 God, when thou wentest out in the sight of thy people; when thou passedest forth in the desert. (God, when thou wentest out before thy people; yea, when thou wentest forth in the wilderness,)
8 The earth was moved, for heavens dropped down from the face of God of Sinai; from the face of God of Israel. (the earth shook, and the heavens dropped down rain/and the heavens quaked, before the God of Sinai; yea, before the God of Israel.)
9 God, thou shalt (im)part willful rain to thine heritage, and it was sick; but thou madest it perfect. (God, thou imparted abundant rain upon the land of thy inheritance; it was enfeebled, or dry, but thou madest it perfect.)
10 Thy beasts shall dwell therein; God, thou hast made ready in thy sweetness to the poor man. (And thy people shall live there; God, in thy goodness, thou hast prepared it for the poor.)
11 The Lord shall give a word; to them that preach the gospel with much virtue. (The Lord gave the word; and many women preached this good news.)