Romans 12:1-10 WYC

1 Therefore, brethren, I beseech you by the mercy of God, that ye give your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing to God, and your service reasonable.
2 And do not ye be conformed to this world, but be ye reformed in newness of your wit, that ye prove which is the will of God, good, and well pleasing, and perfect.
3 For I say, by the grace that is given to me, to all that be among you, that ye understand not more than it behooveth to understand, but for to understand to soberness [to not savour, or know, more than it behooveth to know, but to know to soberness]; and to each man, as God hath parted the measure of faith.
4 For as in one body we have many members, but all the members have not the same deed [soothly all the members have not the same act, or deed];
5 so we many be one body in Christ [so we be many, one body in Christ], and each be members one of another.
6 Therefore we that have gifts diversing [Therefore having gifts diversing], after the grace that is given to us, either prophecy, after the reason of faith;
7 either service, in ministering; either he that teacheth, in teaching; [either ministry, or service, in ministering; or he that teacheth, in teaching;]
8 he that stirreth softly, in admonishing [he that stirreth softly, in exhortation, or admonishing]; he that giveth, in simpleness; he that is sovereign [+he that is prelate, or sovereign/he that is before], in busyness; he that hath mercy, in gladness.
9 Love without feigning, hating evil, drawing to good [cleaving, or fast drawing, to good thing];
10 loving together the charity of brotherhood. Each come before to worship (the) other [Coming before together in honour];