Romans 5:1-7 WYC

1 Therefore we, justified of faith, have we peace at God by our Lord Jesus Christ.
2 By whom we have nigh going to [By whom we have access, or nigh going to], by faith into this grace, in which we stand, and have glory in the hope of the glory of God's children.
3 And not this only, but also we glory in tribulations, witting that tribulation worketh patience,
4 and patience proving, and proving hope.
5 And hope confoundeth not, for the charity of God is spread abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, that is given to us.
6 And while that we were frail [When we were yet sick] after the time, what died Christ for wicked men?
7 For scarcely dieth any man for the just man; and yet for a good man peradventure some man dare die.