2 Samuel 23:1-8 YLT

1 And these [are] the last words of David: -- `The affirmation of David son of Jesse -- And the affirmation of the man raised up -- Concerning the Anointed of the God of Jacob, And the Sweetness of the Songs of Israel:
2 The Spirit of Jehovah hath spoken by me, And His word [is] on my tongue.
3 He said -- the God of Israel -- to me, He spake -- the Rock of Israel: He who is ruling over man [is] righteous, He is ruling in the fear of God.
4 And as the light of morning he riseth, A morning sun -- no clouds! By the shining, by the rain, Tender grass of the earth
5 For -- not so [is] my house with God; For -- a covenant age-during He made with me, Arranged in all things, and kept; For -- all my salvation, and all desire, For -- He hath not caused [it] to spring up.
6 As to the worthless -- As a thorn driven away [are] all of them, For -- not by hand are they taken;
7 And the man who cometh against them Is filled with iron and the staff of a spear, And with fire they are utterly burnt In the cessation.'
8 These [are] the names of the mighty ones whom David hath: sitting in the seat [is] the Tachmonite, head of the captains -- he [is] Adino, who hardened himself against eight hundred -- wounded at one time.