1 And it came to pass, at our sailing, having been parted from them, having run direct, we came to Coos, and the succeeding [day] to Rhodes, and thence to Patara,
2 and having found a ship passing over to Phenicia, having gone on board, we sailed,
3 and having discovered Cyprus, and having left it on the left, we were sailing to Syria, and did land at Tyre, for there was the ship discharging the lading.
4 And having found out the disciples, we tarried there seven days, and they said to Paul, through the Spirit, not to go up to Jerusalem;
5 but when it came that we completed the days, having gone forth, we went on, all bringing us on the way, with women and children, unto the outside of the city, and having bowed the knees upon the shore, we prayed,
6 and having embraced one another, we embarked in the ship, and they returned to their own friends.
7 And we, having finished the course, from Tyre came down to Ptolemais, and having saluted the brethren, we remained one day with them;
8 and on the morrow Paul and his company having gone forth, we came to Cesarea, and having entered into the house of Philip the evangelist -- who is of the seven -- we remained with him,
9 and this one had four daughters, virgins, prophesying.
10 And we remaining many more days, there came down a certain one from Judea, a prophet, by name Agabus,
11 and he having come unto us, and having taken up the girdle of Paul, having bound also his own hands and feet, said, `Thus saith the Holy Spirit, The man whose is this girdle -- so shall the Jews in Jerusalem bind, and they shall deliver [him] up to the hands of nations.'
12 And when we heard these things, we called upon [him] -- both we, and those of that place -- not to go up to Jerusalem,
13 and Paul answered, `What do ye -- weeping, and crushing mine heart? for I, not only to be bound, but also to die at Jerusalem, am ready, for the name of the Lord Jesus;'
14 and he not being persuaded, we were silent, saying, `The will of the Lord be done.'
15 And after these days, having taken [our] vessels, we were going up to Jerusalem,
16 and there went also of the disciples from Cesarea with us, bringing with them him with whom we may lodge, a certain Mnason of Cyprus, an aged disciple.
17 And we having come to Jerusalem, the brethren did gladly receive us,
18 and on the morrow Paul was going in with us unto James, all the elders also came,