Genesis 29:1-6 YLT

1 And Jacob lifteth up his feet, and goeth towards the land of the sons of the east;
2 and he looketh, and lo, a well in the field, and lo, there three droves of a flock crouching by it, for from that well they water the droves, and the great stone [is] on the mouth of the well.
3 (When thither have all the droves been gathered, and they have rolled the stone from off the mouth of the well, and have watered the flock, then they have turned back the stone on the mouth of the well to its place.)
4 And Jacob saith to them, `My brethren, from whence [are] ye?' and they say, `We [are] from Haran.'
5 And he saith to them, `Have ye known Laban, son of Nahor?' and they say, `We have known.'
6 And he saith to them, `Hath he peace?' and they say, `Peace; and lo, Rachel his daughter is coming with the flock.'