Isaiah 43:22-28 YLT

22 And Me thou hast not called, O Jacob, For thou hast been wearied of me, O Israel,
23 Thou hast not brought in to Me, The lamb of thy burnt-offerings, And [with] thy sacrifices thou hast not honoured Me, I have not caused thee to serve with a present, Nor wearied thee with frankincense.
24 Thou hast not bought for Me with money sweet cane, And [with] the fat of thy sacrifices hast not filled Me, Only -- thou hast caused Me to serve with thy sins, Thou hast wearied Me with thine iniquities.
25 I -- I [am] He who is blotting out Thy transgressions for Mine own sake, And thy sins I do not remember.
26 Cause me to remember -- we are judged together, Declare thou that thou mayest be justified.
27 Thy first father sinned, And thine interpreters transgressed against me,
28 And I pollute princes of the sanctuary, And I give Jacob to destruction, and Israel to revilings!