Acts 2:27-37

27 For you will not let my soul be in hell and you will not give up your Holy One to destruction.
28 You have made me see the ways of life; I will be full of joy when I see your face.
29 My brothers, I may say to you openly that David came to his death, and was put in the earth, and his resting-place is with us today.
30 But being a prophet, and having in mind the oath which God had given to him, that of the fruit of his body one would take his place as a king,
31 He, having knowledge of the future, was talking of the coming again of Christ from the dead, that he was not kept in hell and his body did not see destruction.
32 This Jesus God has given back to life, of which we all are witnesses.
33 And so, being lifted up to the right hand of God, and having the Father's word that the Holy Spirit would come, he has sent this thing, which now you see and have knowledge of.
34 For David has not gone up into heaven, but says, himself, The Lord said to my Lord, Be seated at my right hand,
35 Till I put all those who are against you under your feet.
36 For this reason, let all Israel be certain that this Jesus, whom you put to death on the cross, God has made Lord and Christ.
37 Now when these words came to their ears their hearts were troubled, and they said to Peter and the other Apostles, Brothers, what are we to do?
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