It’s Here! Your Complimentary 2022 Israel Calendar

Deuteronomy 12:26-32

26 But the holy things which you have, and the offerings of your oaths, you are to take to the place which will be marked out by the Lord:
27 Offering the flesh and the blood of your burned offerings on the altar of the Lord your God; and the blood of your offerings is to be drained out on the altar of the Lord your God, and the flesh will be your food.
28 Take note of all these orders I am giving you and give attention to them, so that it may be well for you and for your children after you for ever, while you do what is good and right in the eyes of the Lord your God.
29 When the people of the land where you are going have been cut off before you by the Lord your God, and you have taken their land and are living in it;
30 After their destruction take care that you do not go in their ways, and that you do not give thought to their gods, saying, How did these nations give worship to their gods? I will do as they did.
31 Do not so to the Lord your God: for everything which is disgusting to the Lord and hated by him they have done in honour of their gods: even burning their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods.
32 You are to keep with care all the words I give you, making no addition to them and taking nothing from them.
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