Joshua 19:7-17

7 Ain, Rimmon, and Ether and Ashan; four towns with their unwalled places;
8 And all the unwalled places round about these towns as far as Baalath-beer-ramah to the south. This is the heritage of the tribe of Simeon by their families.
9 The heritage of Simeon was taken out of Judah's stretch of land, for Judah's part was more than they had need of, so the heritage of the children of Simeon was inside their heritage.
10 And the third heritage came out for Zebulun by their families; the limit of their heritage was as far as Sarid;
11 And their limit goes up to the west to Maralah, stretching to Dabbesheth, and to the stream in front of Jokneam;
12 Then turning east from Sarid to the limit of Chisloth-tabor, it goes out to Daberath, and up to Japhia;
13 And from there it goes on east to Gath-hepher, to Eth-kazin; ending at Rimmon which goes as far as Neah;
14 And the line goes round it on the north to Hannathon, ending at the valley of Iphtah-el;
15 And Kattath and Nahalal and Shimron and Idalah and Beth-lehem; twelve towns with their unwalled places.
16 This is the heritage of the children of Zebulun by their families, these towns with their unwalled places.
17 For Issachar the fourth heritage came out, for the children of Issachar by their families;
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