[Editor's note: Beyond Sunday is a Monday refresher to carry you through the week.]

Focus Verse of the Week

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

Classic Commentary

The first verse of the Bible gives us a satisfying and useful account of the origin of the earth and the universe. The faith of humble Christians understands this better than the imagination of scientists. From what we see of heaven and earth, we learn the power of the great Creator. And let our created nature remind us of our duty as Christians, always to keep heaven in sight and the earth under our feet.

The Son of God, one with the Father, was with him when he made the world; in fact, we are often told that the world was made by him, and nothing was made without him. Oh, what high thoughts should there be in our minds of that great God whom we worship and of that great Mediator in whose name we pray!

And here, at the beginning of the sacred book, we read of that Divine Spirit, whose work upon the heart of man is so often mentioned in other parts of the Bible. Observe that at first there was nothing desirable to be seen, for the world was without form and void. It was confusion, and emptiness. In like manner the work of grace in the soul is a new creation: and in a graceless soul, one that is not born again, there is disorder, confusion, and every evil work: it is empty of all good. It is without God and dark. It is darkness itself: this is our condition by nature until God's grace works a change in us.

(Adapted from Matthew Henry's Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible.)

A Thought to Keep

If you follow Christ, remember that you were once without form and in darkness. But now, God has made you new. Share that with someone this week.