[Editor's note: Beyond Sunday is a Monday refresher to carry you through the week.]

Focus Verse of the Week

I rejoiced greatly to find some of your children walking in the truth, just as we were commanded by the Father. (2 John 1:4, ESV)

Classic Commentary

The Second and Third Epistles of John insist on the truth. The Second warns the faithful against the reception of those who do not teach the doctrine of Christ, especially the truth respecting the Person of Christ. The Third encourages believers to receive and help those who teach it. Accordingly they both (and the Second especially) lay stress on "the truth."

The apostle loved this elect lady, "in the truth"; as did also all those who had known the truth, and that for the truth's sake. He wished her blessing in truth and in love. He rejoiced that he had found some who were her children walking in the truth. He desired that there should be mutual love among Christians, but this was love: that they should keep the commandments, for many deceivers were come into the world. Now whosoever sinned, and did not abide in the doctrine of Christ, had not God. He ends his epistle, of which we have given an almost complete summary, by exhorting this lady, in case any one should come and not bring this doctrine, not to receive him into her house, nor say to him, "God bless you, or be with you," or "I salute you." For to do so would be to make herself a partaker in the evil he was doing.

The false doctrine which was abroad at that moment was the denial of the truth of Christ come in the flesh; but the apostle says in a general way that, if any one sinned and did not abide in the doctrine of Christ, he had not God.

(Adapted from John Darby's synopsis of the new testament, 2 john 1.)

A Thought to Keep

The apostle John spoke much about love and walking in the truth. How are you showing love to your family in Christ?