Job 36:26-33; Job 37:1-7

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Job 36:26-33

26 Look, God is exalted and unknowable; the number of his years is beyond counting.
27 He draws up drops of water that distill rain from his flood;
28 the clouds pour moisture and drip continually on humans.
29 Even if one perceives a spreading cloud and the thunder of his pavilion,
30 look how he spreads lightning across it and covers the seabed;
31 for by water he judges peoples and gives food in abundance.
32 He conceals lightning in his palms and orders it to its target.
33 His thunder announces it; even cattle proclaim its rising.

Job 37:1-7

1 Oh, my mind is disturbed by this and is more troubled than usual.
2 Listen closely to the rumble of his voice, the roar issuing from his mouth.
3 He looses it under the whole sky, his lightning on earth's edges.
4 After it, a voice roars; he thunders with a mighty voice, and no one can stop it when his voice is heard.
5 God roars with his wondrous voice; he does great things we can't know.
6 He says to the snow, "Fall to earth," and to the downpour of rain, "Be a mighty shower."
7 He stamps the hand of every person so all can know his work.