Proverbs 11:18-28

18 The wicked earn false wages, but those who sow righteousness receive a true reward.
19 The righteous are headed toward life, but those who pursue evil, toward death.
20 The LORD detests a crooked heart, but he favors those whose path is innocent.
21 The evil person will surely not go unpunished, but the children of the righteous will escape.
22 Like a gold ring in a pig's nose is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion.
23 The desires of the righteous end up well, but the expectations of the wicked bring wrath.
24 Those who give generously receive more, but those who are stingy with what is appropriate will grow needy.
25 Generous persons will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.
26 People curse those who hoard grain, but they bless those who sell it.
27 Those who look for good find favor, but those who seek evil—it will come to them.
28 Those who trust in their wealth will wither, but the righteous will thrive like leafy trees.