Proverbs 17:20-28

20 Those with crooked hearts won't prosper, and those with twisted tongues will fall into trouble.
21 Having a fool for a son brings grief; there's no joy for a scoundrel's father.
22 A joyful heart helps healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.
23 The wicked take secret bribes to twist the way of justice.
24 Wisdom is right in front of those with understanding, but the eyes of fools are off to the edges of the earth.
25 A foolish son is irritating to his father and bitter to her who gave birth to him.
26 It isn't good to punish the righteous, to strike the honorable for their integrity.
27 Wise are those who restrain their talking; people with understanding are coolheaded.
28 Fools who keep quiet are deemed wise; those who shut their lips are smart.