1 Chronicles 22:6-16

Instructions to Solomon

6 David sent for his son Solomon and instructed him to build a temple for the LORD, the God of Israel.
7 David said to Solomon, “My son, I had intended to build a temple for the name of the LORD my God.
8 But the LORD told me: You've shed much blood and waged great wars. You won't build a temple for my name because you've spilled so much blood on the ground before me.
9 A son has just been born to you. He'll be a man of peace, and I'll give him peace with all his surrounding enemies. In fact, his name will be Solomon, and I'll give Israel peace and quiet during his reign.
10 He will be the one to build a temple for my name. He'll become my son, and I'll become his father, and I'll establish his royal throne over Israel forever.
11 "Now, my son, may the LORD be with you so that you may successfully build the temple of the LORD your God, as he promised you.
12 May the LORD be sure to give you insight and understanding so that when he appoints you over Israel, you will observe the Instruction from the LORD your God.
13 Then, if you carefully follow the regulations and case laws that the LORD commanded Moses concerning Israel, you'll prosper. Be strong and brave. Don't be afraid or lose heart!
14 With great effort I've now provided for the LORD's temple one hundred thousand kikkars of gold, one million kikkars of silver, and so much bronze and iron that it can't be weighed, as well as wood and stone, though you may add to these.
15 You also have innumerable people to do the work: stonecutters, masons, and carpenters with every skill required for any task,
16 whether in gold, silver, bronze, or iron. So get to work, and may the LORD be with you."
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