Exodus 38:1-8

Making the altar for entirely burned offerings

1 He made the altar for entirely burned offerings out of acacia wood. The altar was square, seven and a half feet long and seven and a half feet wide. It was four and a half feet high.
2 He made horns for it, one horn on each of its four corners. Its horns were attached to the altar, and he covered it with copper.
3 He made all the altar's equipment: the pails, the shovels, the bowls, the meat forks, and the trays. He made all its equipment out of copper.
4 He made a grate for the altar of copper mesh underneath its bottom edge and extending halfway up to the middle of the altar.
5 He made four rings for each of the four corners of the copper grate to house the poles.
6 He made the poles out of acacia wood, and he covered them with copper.
7 He put the poles through the rings so that the poles were on the two sides of the altar when it was carried. He made the altar with planks but hollow inside.
8 He made the copper washbasin with its copper stand from the copper mirrors among the ranks of women assigned to the meeting tent's entrance.