Psalm 76

For the music leader. With stringed instruments. A psalm of Asaph. A song.

1 God is known in Judah; his name is great in Israel.
2 His dwelling place became Salem; his habitation was Zion.
3 It was there that he broke the fiery shafts of the bow, the shield, the sword—even the battle itself! Selah
4 You are ablaze with light, mightier than the mountains that give food.
5 The bravehearted lie plundered. They sank into deep lethargy. All the strong troops couldn't even lift their hands!
6 At your rebuke, Jacob's God, both chariot and horse were stopped dead-still.
7 You! You are awesome! Who can stand before you when you are angry?
8 You have announced judgment from heaven. The earth grew afraid and fell silent
9 when God rose up to establish justice, when God rose up to save all of the earth's poor. Selah
10 Even human rage will turn to your praise when you dress yourself with whatever remains of your wrath.
11 Make promises to the LORD your God and keep them! Let all around him bring gifts to the awesome one.
12 He breaks the spirit of princes. He is terrifying to all the kings of the earth.