Sirach 1

Wisdom’s origins

1 All wisdom comes from the Lord. It lives with him forever.
2 Who can count the grains of sand in the seas, the drops of rain, or the days of eternity?
3 Who can discover heaven's height, the earth's breadth, the abyss, or wisdom?
4 Wisdom was created before everything else. Right understanding is as old as eternity.
6 To whom was Wisdom's root revealed? Who knew her wonderful feats?
8 There is one who is wise, greatly feared, seated upon his throne.
9 The Lord himself created her; he saw her; he measured her. The Lord poured her out over everything he made, to be with each person to the extent that God grants, and he supplied her abundantly to those who love him.

Fear of the Lord is Wisdom

11 Fear of the Lord is a person's glory, boasting, gladness, and crown of rejoicing.
12 Fear of the Lord will cheer the heart, and it will give gladness, joy, and a long life.
13 Things will go well at the end for those who fear the Lord. They will be blessed at the time of death.
14 Wisdom starts with fearing the Lord, and she is joined to the faithful even within the womb.
15 Wisdom built her nest among human beings as an eternal foundation, and they will entrust their offspring to her.
16 Wisdom is fully satisfied with fearing the Lord, and she will make people drunk with her fruits.
17 She will fill all their houses with desirable things and fill their storehouses from her produce.
18 Fearing the Lord is Wisdom's crowning garland, sprouting forth peace and restorative health.
19 She rained down skill and insightful knowledge, and she raised up the reputation of those who held on to her.
20 Fearing the Lord is Wisdom's root, and her branches yield a long life.
22 Unjust anger won't be justified, for the tipping point of one's anger is one's downfall.
23 Patient people will hold themselves back until the right moment, and afterward they will be paid back with joy.
24 They will hide their words until the right moment, and many will talk about their good judgment.
25 There are intelligent proverbs in Wisdom's treasuries, but sinners avoid godliness like the plague.
26 If you want to find Wisdom, then keep the commandments, and the Lord will supply her to you in vast quantities.
27 Fearing the Lord brings wisdom and education. He is pleased with faithfulness and gentleness.
28 Don't disobey the fear of the Lord, and don't approach him with a divided heart.
29 Don't give people reason to call you a hypocrite, and pay attention to what you say.
30 Don't exalt yourself, or else you might fall and bring dishonor to yourself. The Lord will reveal your secrets, and he will overthrow you in the middle of the congregation, because you didn't come with proper regard for the Lord and your heart was full of insincerity.
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