Sirach 26

1 The husband of a good wife is favored, and the length of his life will be doubled.
2 A courageous wife will make her husband happy, and he will complete his years in peace.
3 A good wife is a great blessing. The one who fears the Lord will receive her as part of his God-given portion.
4 Whether in poverty or in wealth, his heart is happy; at every moment he has a cheerful face.
5 My heart was cautious about three things, and I was fearful in the face of a fourth— slander in a city, the gathering of a mob, and a false accusation— all of these are more miserable than death.
6 Women who are rivals bring heartache and grief, and a tongue-lashing shares it with everyone.
7 A wicked wife is like a chafing ox yoke; the one who holds her is like one who grasps a scorpion.
8 A drunken wife is the same as rage; she won't hide her disgraceful conduct.
9 A wife's promiscuity is seen in the arrogance of her eyes, and her eyelids make it known.
10 Keep a strict watch over a disobedient daughter, or else, if she finds you off guard, she will take advantage of it.
11 Beware of her shameless eye, and don't be surprised if she wrongs you.
12 Just as thirsty travelers will open their mouths and drink from water that is near, she will sit in front of every peg, and she will open her quiver to an arrow.
13 A wife's charm will delight her husband, and her skill will put fat on his bones.
14 A silent wife is a gift from the Lord, and nothing can be traded for her self-discipline.
15 A modest wife adds charm upon charm, and there is no balance that can weigh the full value of her self-control.
16 As the sun rising in the Lord's high heavens, so is the beauty of a good wife in her well-ordered home.
17 As a lamp shines on the holy lampstand, so also is a beautiful face along with steady maturity.
18 Like gold pillars upon a silver base, so also are shapely legs on steadfast feet.
19 My child, keep the vitality of your prime of life safe and sound, and don't give your strength over to strangs.
20 After you have chosen a fertile plot out of every field, sow your own seed, being confident of your excellent descent.
21 Thus your offspring who surround you and who have confidence in their excellent descent, will become great.
22 A hired woman will be considered the same as spit, but a married woman will be considered a tower of death to those who associate too closely with her.
23 An ungodly woman will be bestowed on a lawless man as his portion, but a godly woman is granted to the man who fears the Lord.
24 A shameless woman will always be in disgrace, but a dignified daughter will show modesty even with her husband.
25 An unruly wife will be thought of as a dog, but the wife who feels shame will fear the Lord.
26 A wife who honors her own husband will appear wise to everyone, but the wife who dishonors her husband with arrogance will be known to all as ungodly. The husband of a good wife is happy, for the number of his years will double.
27 A loudmouthed and talkative wife is like a battle trumpet sounding an attack. The spirit of the man who lives under such conditions lives perpetually in the chaos of the battlefield.

On integrity

28 My heart has been saddened by two things, and I was made angry because of a third: a warrior who is needy and impoverished, intelligent people who are treated with contempt, and people who are turned from righteousness to sin— the Lord will prepare them for the sword.
29 A merchant will scarcely be kept from wrongdoing, and a retailer won't be innocent of sin.