Sirach 32

1 If they have appointed you as the banquet leader, don't think too much of yourself; behave toward them as if you were one of them. Take care of their needs and then sit down.
2 When you have done everything necessary, recline, so that you can have fun with them, and because of your excellent behavior you will receive a wreath.
3 Speak, you who are older, for it's your privilege. But know what you're talking about, and don't interrupt the music.
4 Where there's a performance, don't talk too much, and don't be clever at the wrong time.
5 A musical performance at a wine party is like a ruby seal on a gold ornament.
6 Melodic music accompanying sweet wine is like an emerald seal in a setting of gold.
7 Speak, you who are young, if it's necessary, but only twice, and only if you are asked.
8 Sum up what you have to say; much can be said in few words. Be like one who knows but who can keep silent.
9 When you are among the more influential, don't presume authority; and where elders are present, don't talk idly about many things.
10 Lightning comes before thunder, and good favor walks in front of a modest person.
11 Rise up to leave in time, and don't be the last person out; go back to your own home, and don't miss your work the next day.
12 Enjoy yourself there, and do what you please, but don't sin with arrogant words.
13 More than this, bless the one who made you and who lets you drink freely from his good bounty.

On divine providence

14 Whoever fears the Lord will accept instruction; those who rise early will find approval.
15 Whoever seeks the Law will be filled with it, but the hypocrite will stumble over it.
16 Those who fear the Lord will discover his decree, and they will kindle righteous deeds like a lamp.
17 Sinful people turn away from correction; they will look for a judgment that suits them.
18 A well-advised person won't overlook an intelligent thought; the stranger and the arrogant won't cower out of fear.
19 Do nothing without deliberation, and when you have acted, don't feel regret.
20 Don't walk on a hazardous path, and don't stumble on stony ground.
21 Don't trust an unexplored road,
22 and be on guard concerning your children.
23 Trust yourself in every action, because this also means keeping the commandments.
24 Whoever has faith in the Law pays attention to the commandments; whoever trusts the Lord won't suffer loss.
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