1 Then Elijah the prophet rose up like fire, and his word burned like a torch.
2 He brought a famine upon them, and he reduced their number by his zeal.
3 By the Lord's word he shut up the sky, and in the same way he brought down fire three times.
4 How glorious you were, Elijah, in your amazing deeds! Who will boast like you can?
5 You raised a corpse from death, from the grave by a word of the Most High.
6 You brought kings down to destruction and dragged the famous from their beds.
7 You heard a rebuke at Sinai and decrees of punishment at Horeb.
8 You anointed kings to bring retribution and prophets to succeed you.
9 You were taken up in a whirlwind of fire and in a chariot of fiery horses.
10 It is recorded that you are ready for the designated times, to calm anger before it turns to wrath, to turn the heart of a father to his son, and to restore the tribes of Jacob.
11 Happy are those who saw you and who have fallen asleep in your love, for we will surely live as well.


12 Elijah was covered by the whirlwind, and Elisha was filled with his spirit. In his time, he didn't tremble before any ruler, and no one oppressed him.
13 Nothing was too great for him, and in death his body prophesied.
14 During his life, he performed wonders, and in death his accomplishments were marvelous.
15 In spite of these things, the people didn't change their hearts and lives, and they didn't turn from their sins until they were torn away from their land and scattered over the whole earth. The people who remained were few in number, but they had a ruler from the house of David.
16 Some of them did what pleased God, but others sinned even more.

Hezekiah and Isaiah

17 Hezekiah strengthened the city's defenses, and he provided a water supply. He tunneled through rock with iron tools, and he constructed storage tanks for water.
18 During his rule, Sennacherib moved on Jerusalem, commissioned the field commander, and departed. The field commander attacked Zion, and made great boasts in his arrogance.
19 Then the people's hearts and hands were shaken, and they were in agony like a woman who is in labor.
20 They called upon the Lord who is merciful, reaching out their hands to him. The holy one at once heard them from heaven, and he rescued them through Isaiah.
21 The Lord struck down the camp of the Assyrians, and his messenger destroyed them.
22 Hezekiah did what was pleasing to the Lord, and he kept to the ways of David his ancestor, as Isaiah the prophet, who was great and whose visions were reliable, had commanded.
23 In Isaiah's time, the sun moved backward, and he extended the king's life.
24 By his great spirit, he saw what was to come, and he comforted those who mourned in Zion.
25 He revealed forever what would be and hidden things even before they happened. is like a blend of incense, prepared with skill by a perfumer. It will be sweet in the mouth, like honey, like music at a wine-drinking party.