Wisdom 14:25-31

25 Everything becomes a confused mix of blood, murder, theft, and deception. Corruption, breaking one's word, upheaval, false pledges—all these things abound.
26 What is good is shouted down. Favors are forgotten. Entire beings are stained with guilt. Legitimate genealogy is lost. Marriage is thrown into confusion. Adultery and promiscuity abound.
27 The worship of nameless idols is the origin of all evil—its cause as well as its result.
28 People begin to party so wildly that they all go mad. They prophesy lies. They live in such a way that everything they do is wrong. They bear false witness,
29 but because they have entrusted themselves into the hands of lifeless idols, they don't expect any harm to come from swearing false pledges.
30 A double judgment will hunt them down—first, because they acted wickedly toward God when they gave their attention to idols; and second, because they made solemn pledges falsely out of contempt for what was holy.
31 It isn't the power of the things by which they made these solemn pledges but justice that will pursue them until it punishes them for doing wrong.
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