Wisdom 2:18-24

18 If this man who does the right thing is indeed God's Son, then God will assist him. God will rescue him from the hand of those who oppress him.
19 Let's test him by assaulting and torturing him. Then we will know just how good he really is. Let's test his ability to endure pain.
20 Let's condemn him to a disgraceful death: according to him, God should show up to protect him.
21 This was how the ungodly reasoned, but they were mistaken. Their malice completely blinded them.
22 They didn't know of God's secret plan. They didn't hope for the reward that holiness brings. They didn't consider the prize they would win if they kept their whole beings free from stain.
23 God created humans to live forever. He made them as a perfect representation of his own unique identity.
24 Death entered the universe only through the devil's envy. Those who belong to the devil's party experience death.
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