1 Kings 10:17

1 Kings 10:17

And he made three hundred shields of beaten gold
Which were a lesser sort:

three pounds of gold went to one shield;
or three hundred shekels, as in ( 2 Chronicles 9:16 ) a hundred shekels made one pound; so that these were but half the value of the former, and one of them was worth but two hundred and twenty five pounds: Eupolemus F15, an Heathen writer, makes mention of those golden shields Solomon made, and which were made for show, and not for war, as follows:

and the king put them in the house of the forest of Lebanon;
one part of which was made an armoury of, see ( Song of Solomon 4:4 ) .


F15 Apud Euseb. Praepar. Evangel. l. 9. c. 34.