1 Kings 7:50

1 Kings 7:50

And the bowls
To keep the oil in:

and the snuffers;
to trim the lamps with; though some interpret the word of musical instruments, as the Targum, of psalteries:

and the basins;
which were to receive the blood of the sacrifices; and, Ben Gersom thinks, particularly the blood of those that were brought into the sanctuary, see ( Hebrews 13:11 ) , there were an hundred of them, ( 2 Chronicles 4:8 )

and the spoons;
which held the incense:

and the censers of pure gold;
with which the coals were carried from one altar to another, on which the incense was burnt; not only those but all the other vessels were of pure gold:

and the hinges of gold, [both] for the doors of the inner house, the
most holy place, and for the doors of the house,
to wit,

of the temple;
the holy of holies and the holy place, the hinges of the doors of each, on which they were hung, and turned, were of gold; so grand and magnificent was this edifice, and so liberal Solomon in the building of it.