1 Kings 9:19

1 Kings 9:19

And all the cities of store that Solomon had
In which were his magazines of corn, arms, and ammunition; and these were built in Hamath, ( 2 Chronicles 8:4 )

and cities for his chariots;
chariots of war, iron chariots, which were kept in times of peace, in case of necessity, of which Solomon had 1400, ( 1 Kings 10:26 ) ,

and cities for his horsemen;
of which he had 12,000, a standing cavalry:

and that which Solomon desired to build in Jerusalem;
besides the temple and his own palace before mentioned; see ( Ecclesiastes 2:4 ) ,

and in Lebanon;
the house of the forest of Lebanon, which Junius on ( 1 Kings 7:2 ) thinks he built after he had taken Hamathzobah, a royal city of Lebanon; see ( 2 Chronicles 8:3 2 Chronicles 8:6 ) or fortresses on Mount Lebanon, which was the northern border of his kingdom:

and in all the land of his dominions;
where he might repair or fortify cities, or erect new forts for the safety of his kingdom; now for the doing of all this was the levy both of men and money raised, and of whom next follows.